About the Founder - Janice Jokkel


Janice Jokkel / Founder and CEO


Janice is passionate about helping others succeed!  It is extremely important to connect with others at all levels of any organization. Her strength is developing, training and mentoring teams to understand how to connect with each other more effectively and build trust. Additionally, her experience in hiring practices and building a culture that delivers a high level of team cohesiveness will limit the negative impact of turnover.


A diverse background with over 30 years in sales, management and business ownership, Janice has the experience to share the "road map to success" in both sales and management skills. Her motto is that your passion for people is what is truly essential for success. Your commitment from the team with clear communication, understanding the goals at hand and a well-defined path of how you are going to achieve that goal is essential. Motivating people and having the desire to achieve greatness is only one part of the success equation. Her mission is sharing the importance to entrepreneurs that investing in the most priceless capital in a company – “the team” - will bring more return than a new piece of equipment!


Janice’s passion is growing teams to thrive with their God- given talents and allowing them to soar to new heights. Janice specializes in peer-to-leader mentoring and sharpening the skill sets of sales and leadership teams. Further, she is passionate about assisting companies with diagnosing the level of trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability, and attention to results that exists within their team.

She has been a member of IAAPA HR Committee since 2017, Certified DISC Practitioner, an active member of Toastmasters of Medina and several local Chambers of Commerce, SHRM, ATD,  Alumni of Leadership Medina Class of 2016, Alumni of Dale Carnegie, Alumni of Tom Hopkins.  Janice resides in Medina, Ohio with her husband Ed of 25 years and children Matthew and Sarah. Watch for her upcoming book to be released soon - "Connecting with Confidence"

Janice Jokkel is available as a keynote speaker and motivational speaker! Booking into 2020!



Meet the Team


Patti Starman

Chief C.A.R.E Officer

Patti has a passion for excellence, love for people and drives our organization to stay on course with our core values. We believe in Communicate often, Accountable to each other, Results that drive growth, Educate internally and externally to better our community. Her administration skillset infuses perfection in what we deliver to our clients, ensures we walk each day with gratitude and keeps us all grounded as we grow.


Jenny Rieck

Chief Technology Officer

Jenny has passion for the details, love for process and data and measures our client success which drives growth.  Her technological skillset and brilliant mind infuse a strong sense of direction with the latest cutting edge and innovative technology.  She ensures that we walk each day with purpose and keeps us on track with timelines


Gabby Pagura

Director of Client Success and Event Strategist

Gabby has a passion for client success, love for learning which drives our course creation and engagement with the learner.  Her years of experience with managing events and understanding that every detail matters with the end in mind  allows for her to infuse her beautiful personality and ignites the FUN in our work. She ensures that we walk each day learning something new as we invest in each other and keeps us on track with community engagement.



Experience You Can Count On

Comprehensive training programs for your front line team or supervisors never developed? High turnover has led to a negative environment for the team? These are a few topics we hear from our clients that we made an impact on and have transformed their business.  We believe business owners work "ON" their business to develop the next steps of growth and leave the working "IN" the business to us!

Our services include a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities, understand what your strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats are in your marketplace and provide a project plan with timelines and milestones, along with a cost-effective solution for our services.  

Core Values - C.A.R.E.


Communicate often 

Accountable to each other

Results drive growth

Educate internally and externally within our community

Our commitment is to DRIVE growth & measure results by hiring the right people, sharpening their skill set to do the job, and building a sustainable culture to grow the bottom line.

Drive growth

Roadmap to success 

Invest in your growth

Vision for success 

Evaluate opportunity for change

Getting Started

Our ramp up process is designed  to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

Proud Members


DISC Certifications and EOS® Implementer