Culture Builder

Culture Builder


Get in Gear infuses enthusiasm and ignites the passion within your team.   We offer a variety of training solutions delivered through a virtual online meeting or on-site visits.  Our specialty is developing the culture that each department has to be "geared" up together to win!  Remember - it takes the entire team! 

Our goal is to understand the needs of your team and build the session that will drive growth.  Developing Core Values, 1-3-5 year plan and facilitating a SWOT analysis is critical to driving  a healthy culture. Another key tool is measuring your company health through five key building blocks - Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results!

On Boarding Programs


Turnover is so costly to a business. Engaging employees before they are scheduled for their first shift will be your first indication if they are a good fit.  Onboarding with the foundation of learning and trust building will retain top talent and forge a connection with leadership.  In turn, we have found an improved job satisfaction and retention and most importantly it promotes communication between managers and the staff!

Team Building Programs


There is so many benefits to providing team building activities within your organization.  We provide several programs that will engage the entire team from sales, finance, leadership to shipping.  Kicking off a project or engaging new hires to get to know each other is just a couple key reasons to incorporate a fun and interactive day.  Our team will facilitate the entire session so you too can participate in the action pack day!