Bite-size mobile learning delivers cost-effective, higher content retention and consistent training

There are many advantages of eLearning.

One of the top 3 reasons is the convenience and flexible access on users own devices. Think about it. Employees are people, and people today spend most of their time on their phones, computers or other technology. On average, we spend 5.7 hours on our mobile devices. This is what they are comfortable with. Self-pace and self-driven learning will drive better results and not painted with the "one-size-fits-all" training brush. Most importantly, standardization of onboarding and training throughout the organization with measurable results through reporting will show ROI.

Brain Gear Academy is a cloud base learning platform built out with your branding, blended courses we created, and you provide such as company core values, workplace safety, personal branding aka hygiene, sales, leadership and conflict resolution - just to name a few!

Our team will manage all the details from onboarding you team to managing their learning track to compensate for their training time.

 Each job role, no matter the industry, has a very specific set of training requirements that need to be taught and followed religiously. These can be addressed with skills development and  new hire onboarding and more.