EOS® / Entrepreneurial Operating System

Group of people using post-it notes in an EOS planning meeting


We are passionate about driving growth and measuring results by using the right tools that deliver solutions that we know work!!  EOS®  has the framework to provide transformation to small to medium businesses who are serious about healthy culture, scaling up to achieve more revenue and profits by implementing a proven process! 

WHO is our ideal client?

Entrepreneurial leadership teams that are open-minded; respectful; appreciative; growth-oriented; frustrated; and want help. They are willing to be open, honest and vulnerable and have 5-250 employees. They are also privately held. While EOS® can work for companies outside of this target market, this is who EOS® works the best for. 

WHAT is an EOS Implementer's role?

Partnering with Get in Gear as your implementer, we will take you through Teaching you every tool in the EOS® Toolbox, Facilitating clarity, alignment, and resolution and will be Coaching you through accountability and measuring results to help your team become its best!

This journey is a true commitment from the leadership team. The first step before moving forward is a comprehensive 90-minute meeting that introduces your leadership team to the new implementation.  Our goal will be to get everyone on the same page and look at your business in a whole new way. We will review the tools and process of implementing the 6 key components - Vision, Data, Process, Traction, Issues, People that will drive you toward a healthy focused leadership team that makes progress and achieving everything in your vision for growth! 

The Traction Library

 A big part of this program is having every person on your team have the right information and tools to implement the system throughout your organization. Visit the Traction Library and save 50% off the retail price when you order 20+ books for your team.  Visit our resource tab to download the first chapter to read.